Monday, 9 January 2012

Links - a list of useful websites for the Eribanaut

Hymer Group - Eriba pages
Eriba Motorhomes – a Hymer website dedicated to the current range of Eriba motorhomes
Jandi – the Scottish authorised Eriba caravan and motorhome dealer, based between Edinburgh and Glasgow
Lowdham Leisure – Nottingham & Huddersfield. Listed by Hymer as the authorised English Eriba motorhome dealer and Hymer caravan dealer,  but Lowdhams don’t mention the brand on their ‘New Motorhomes’ webpage and there are no details of Hymer or Eriba caravans on their website at all.  
Automotive Leisure – a recently appointed official Hymer Eriba dealer, based in Poole, Dorset. They have been trading as a used dealer and importer for many years and their elevation to Hymer appointed dealer followed the closure of ERIBA Ltd, Lechlade.
Leisure Vehicles – used Eriba dealer based in Cheshire
Retro-Eriba – used Eriba dealer based in Hull
Classic Caravans - dedicated to older caravans and camping trailers
Lakeland – home of the Remoska
Soplair – French makers of Eriba specific awnings
Eriba Forum – Independent UK based forum specifically for all things Eriba
Eriba Amiga – An earlier Eriba forum and help site now accessible via Eriba Forum
Eriba Owners Club of Great Britain – does what it says on the tin
Eriba Touring Club – German Eriba Club
Dometic UK Ltd – the Eriba fridge manufacturer
 Thetford Ltd – the Eriba toilet manufacturer
Truma UK Ltd – the Eriba heating and water systems manufacturer
What Tow Car – Which cars can pull your Eriba etc
1965 Eriba Titan Project – Nessy’s mammoth restoration task
Regal Furnishing – If you fancy an internal revamp, based near Nottingham
Raskelf Ltd – Home of the Duvalay and other bedding products, based in Dewsbury
Avtex Ltd – specialist manufacturers of mobile TV and multi-media units
Martin Dorey – Author of Camper Van Cookbook and presenter of One Man and his Campervan on BBC2
Squid in a box – a shameless plug for my son’s computer games design site.
Cobb Oven – a sort of enclosed barbecue
CADAC – a range of portable gas barbecues


  1. Andy,
    I've loved reading these informative and humorous blogs and am sufficiently enthused to seriously investigate the hobby/love affair that is owning an Eriba caravan. Many thanks for writing them.

    My only sadness is that they run out in January 2012 - hope all is well and that Esmerelda is a fitting replacement for Poppy :-).

    1. Hi Robert I'm glad you enjoyed them. Sadly some of the pictures seem to have disappeared and the content badly needs updating. If you are really interested in Eribas I'd recommend you join Eribafolk rather than any other Eriba based forum. They're very, very nice people on there.
      Sadly also I have moved away from Eribas. The lack of room for a bloke my size got too much for me after five years.
      I found a Lunar 464 which is exactly the same length as a Troll, a bit wider and a lot taller. Inside it has the layout that Eriba should have made years ago, but never have. It has a transverse single dinette a la Troll 540, with a kitchen and washroom and wardrobe opposite each other in the middle, just like a 540/530 and a lounge that's about the size of a 530's. So overall a combination of Troll 530 and 540.
      That allows for a larger kitchen complete with proper oven and grill plus a four burner hob. A fridge that's much bigger than an Eribas and a microwave up in the roof locker area. On the opposite side the wardrobe is the same size as a Troll but the washroom has a proper separate shower cubicle, wash basin and loo.
      All in all I'm sad to say it's a much better van to live out of but nowhere near as characterful or as well put together. I just wish Hymer had the nous to fit out an Eriba that way.

  2. Wow Andy, lightening quick reply! I can only but echo your sentiments regarding Eriba/Hymer's lack of development. It's a real bummer given their reputation, undisputed build quality and the ubiquity of good quality, more up to date fittings and fixtures.
    As a long term VW owner I reflect that the Beetles, Golfs and Polos I owned up until the early 90's "offered" virtually everything (including a radio) as an added extra. They changed, caught up with the times and profited from it. I hope that Hymer take a page from their book and learn that "icon" only takes them so far. So long as they stay this side of the toys vs.quality divide of course - family silver stuff. Hey, they're cute though eh? :-).

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