Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Tenuous Link

OK there are days (not too many I hope) when it's pouring down outside the Eriba and the weatherman says it's not going to let up for hours. What better time to break out the laptop and play a video game to while away the drab hours before the sun breaks through and Eribaland returns to its warm, dry, fragrant normality. See what I mean about tenuous?
That's as close as I could get to linking Eribas with the subject of this blog.

Whilst I prepare the next portion of real Eriba blog I thought I'd mention something else that's been going on at Steamdriven Towers recently. Our only begotten has moved back home in order to put the final touches to a project that he's been working on for a while. He's a games designer and has been nurturing an ambition to build and publish his own game ever since he sat at a BBC Computer at nursery school. Well almost.

And after many, many long, long nights (games designers don't do days) it's almost upon us. He's set up his own company 'Squid in a Box Ltd' to manage the game and the launch date has been set for 16th November when the game will be available to download from both:

It's called WAVES and I am told that it's a 'psychadelic twin-stick shooter' in gamer parlance. The 'psychadelic' bit means it's bright and colourful and the 'twin-stick' bit means you use two hands to control the game i.e. a mouse and a keyboard or the twin joysticks on those gamer pad thingeys. 

However as it's an online game it probably won't be easy to play in many campsites with no wireless internet or the labouriously slow dongle internet but I have a solution - well sort of. At present you can download and play for free a fully working version one of the five game modes that will be available on the full game. So go to:
download your very own free copy of the demo and you'll be able to play immediately and forever with no internet needed.

Personally I've found it a very challenging game, but totally absorbing and highly addictive.

And Squid says that if you enjoy computer games or have never played one before have a go at WAVES he's sure you'll like it.

Oh and our son has promised that if he makes his fortune from this game he'll buy myself and Mrs SDA matching his and hers Bentleys. The thing is though I'm not sure if you can fit a tow hitch to a Bentley and they don't make an estate version to accommodate the beardies.


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